Government legislation creates requirement for businesses with over 250 staff to disclose gender gap on register by April 2018.

Recent findings have uncovered that the pay gap now stands at 9.1% in favour of men, the lowest since records began in 1997.1

The legislation brought in by government means that companies who employ 250+ staff will need to publish their salaries each year in an effort to reduce the gender pay gap.

Figures show that the gender pay gap stands at 20.7% for workers in London, with the South-East coming in at 16.3%.

The gender pay gap in the private sector shows a larger divide, standing at 20.7%, while public sector workers see a difference of 14%.

What is Merit Software doing to support this requirement?

To help businesses report on gender pay, Merit Software includes functionality that allows users to export required data in a format that enables them to submit the required reports.

Our team of experts can advise on how to use our products to export the data, however, it is the responsibility of our customers to define what particular employee/ tax type/ pay type is included in the report. Each customer should define their own rules for gender reporting based on how data has been structured and their company’s own interpretation of the legislation.

If you would like to know more, simply email our Projects team at: for more information.

Take the test below to see how the gender pay gap affects different industry sectors.



1 Source: Office for National Statistics:




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