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Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) Compliant Payroll Software

The Merit payroll and billing solution, Merit Lite and Merit Umbrella are all fully compliant with new legislation. In addition, we also offer an advanced Swedish Derogation module as part of our catalogue of options.

The world of payroll is ever changing, our software has full AWR compliance and we are taking part in the RTI pilot scheme as well as the pensions auto-enrolment programme.

If you are an Umbrella company looking for AWR solutions visit our Merit Umbrella Website

Our AWR module is fully featured and comes with the following key benefits:

  • AWR tracking and compliance reports
  • Automated weekly clock display for quick visualisation of when a worker is approaching the 12 weeks
  • Historical tracking and entry of breaks to the AWR clock
  • Variable Holiday entitlements per booking/timesheet
  • Leave type tracking for AWR clock pausing or continuation
  • Rapid timesheet entry for pay and invoicing specifically geared to recruitment agency requirements 
  • Automated batch invoice production 
  • Quick and accurate payments to temps and staff 
  • Simple data access drill-down facilities for complex payroll and invoicing enquires 
  • Excellent reporting capability, including built-in report generator for end users 
  • Flexible data exchange facilities with all major front office software packages 
  • Comprehensive Data export to BACS and all major accounting and factoring systems
  • HMRC recognised electronic interface to HM Revenue & Customs