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iMerit Product Overview

Merit Software's Online Timesheet Module

Merit Software have developed iMerit, an Online Timesheet Module that is part of the Merit Payroll system and can save payroll departments hundreds of man hours. Temp agencies often struggle with the process of recording and dealing with temp timesheets - particularly when volumes increase. iMerit enables you to streamline this process.

Benefits of iMerit To Business:

  • Temps access a secure web portal (from any location) to enter timesheets and view their placement details.
  • Temps can track their own timesheet from initial creation through to final payment.
  • Timesheets entered online don't need to be keyed by payroll staff and authorised timesheets faxed and emailed through are automatically matched.
  • Vast cost and time savings can be achieved - keying, matching & scanning of timesheets becomes an automated process.
  • Timesheets are stored as electronic images.
  • A high level of security enables you to maintain control over the data. No temp or client data is stored on the secure web portal. Access to the secure web portal is managed via username and password login.
  • No large hardware investment required in order to utilise iMerit.
  • Banded price structures mean that iMerit is fully scalable to your business needs and requirements. It ensures that costs are kept low if business fluctuates.
  • Corporate branding - The secure web portal can be customised with graphics and colours to match your own schemes. The portal can even be launched from your own website.
  • Built using SQL Server and .Net Technologies - an industry recognised reliable, scaleable platform.
  • Simple faxback authorisation does not put an onerous burden on your clients, whilst still allowing you to receive a digital image of authorised timesheets.
  • Reducing consumables - less paper and less ink used.

Benefits of iMerit To Payroll Administrators:

  • The payroll department will no longer need to key in temps' timesheets.
  • Temps can go 'online' and enter their own weekly timesheets.
  • Temps can track their timesheets' progress, meaning less phone calls to you.
  • The status of the timesheet is sent to the temp via email.
  • Faxed / emailed timesheets are held as electronic images.
  • Once the timesheet image is stored electronically it can be printed along with the invoices, eliminating the need for matching.
  • Timesheet images can be viewed for answering payroll and credit control queries.
  • Large reductions in payroll calculation errors.
  • Lost timesheets become a thing of the past.

Get in touch with us and find out how you can benefit.

iMerit Mobile App & Web Application

Our iMerit module is available through our Merit Software App on the Google Play store for Android and the App Store for iPhone devices.

Download on the App Store Download on Google Play

The iMerit portal is also available as a Web application and is compatible with all major browsers across desktop and mobile platforms.