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Merit Umbrella Product Overview

Spend less time running your payroll and more time growing your business!

We are industry leading developers and providers of software for umbrella companies and have another website set-up specifically for that. If you are interested in how we can help your umbrella company, please visit for more detailed information.

The Merit Umbrella System has been developed to calculate payrolls using tax efficient calculations. This module can process both Umbrella Payrolls and Single Person Companies or Personal Service Ltd Companies (PSC) and these can be mixed within a database. We have a number of post April 2016 models including Mini Umbrella, Fixed expenses, SDC, DSC, EDM, and many more.

Umbrella calculations typically allocate how much of pay is subject to minimum wage and how much can be reclaimed as allowable expenses dependant on Supervision Direction and Control (SDC). The balance of pay is then subject to PAYE Tax and NI. More sophisticated than a standard calculator, pay calculations can be undertaken inclusive or exclusive of holiday pay, allowable expenses can be set to include fees and employers NI and unpaid expenses can be carried forward and used against future payments.

PSC calculations allocate PAYE salary (configurable) and any profit is reduced by costs (expenses, fees, Employers NI etc.) with the balance treated as a dividend subject to corporation tax with the net dividend being paid to the shareholder or alternately, if caught by IR35 as deemed employemnt income.

There is a flexible fee structure within Merit covering a variety of options from fixed amount or percentage to banded sliding scales. Fees can be allocated on a pay period or timesheet basis. Fees can also be assigned to an employee by employee basis, by client or consultant.

The calculations are set to each company's own requirements, as we understand the flexibility required when operating such schemes. The module is designed to work with Merit's Payroll database, easing the administrative burdens of operating these schemes.

We understand that each umbrella company is different and will work hard to ensure our solution fits in with your business model. Contact us for a free, no obligation demonstration of our Umbrella system.