Merit Ireland

Merit Ireland is a comprehensive system designed specifically to meet the payroll and invoicing needs of the Irish recruitment industry. Paying temporary staff is often more complex than paying full-time employees as hours can vary from week to week and the submission and approval of timesheets can sometimes be delayed. Merit Ireland achieves its overarching goal to make life easier for those responsible for managing the process of paying temporary workers and contractors in the Irish Market.

Irish Revenue Recognised

Enable workers direct access to upload timesheets to save time.


Simple data access drill-down facilities for complex payroll and invoicing enquiries

Flexible Reporting

Including built-in report generator for end users

Designed specifically for the Irish market, Merit Ireland provides all of the market leading features and functionality of Merit Payroll, with the ability to cater for the legislative requirements of the Irish Republic.

More about Merit Ireland

  • Rapid timesheet entry for pay and invoicing specifically geared to recruitment agency requirements 
  • Speedy invoice production
  • Simple data access drill-down facilities for complex payroll and invoicing enquiries
  • Excellent reporting capability including built-in report generator for end users
  • Flexible data exchange facilities with all major front office software packages
  • Data exports to Irish Banking systems and all major accounting and factoring systems

Additional features of Merit Ireland include:

  • Holiday Pay module
  • Flexible client invoicing options
  • Limited company invoicing
  • Construction worker payments
  • Customisable factor outputs
  • Fully configurable levels of security for each user
  • Adjustment log & audit trail
  • Free payroll and invoicing legislative upgrades as part of support
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