Project Success! Working with an IT team

Working with an IT team to implement recruitment payroll software

Hi, I’m Sam Radion, Sales Director at Merit Software and welcome to this video detailing how Merit manages software projects.

The aim of this video is to illustrate some of the steps involved in setting up payroll software for your recruitment business and to share with you some useful tips that we’ve learned over the last 20 years of operation..

So id like to talk today about using your IT team as project managers. It often sounds logical to a business that software should be handled by the IT team, and its absolutely true that your it people will need to be involved when it comes to the actual installation or management of the software. But where companies occasionally make a mistake is in appointing an IT person to implement a payroll software project without giving them knowledge of what the system is there to do.

“So, even if your IT team does have project managers within it, do they actually understand what you are trying to achieve with your payroll software?”

Failing to understand this, often leads to a very precise project plan, but one that doesn’t take into account things like parallel run or has an understanding of the full project scope.

You could then end up with a rather stressed person in the middle, who is stuck between your payroll team and the Merit project team who is pretty much relegated to passing messages on without a full understanding of which project issues are actually a priority.

“So, my recommendation is to ensure that there is equal experience and understanding between your project champions, it’s really important that the technical expertise that can be provided by your it person is matched equally with the knowledge of the payroll function and the processes involved with running a temporary payroll”.

At Merit, we work with recruitment companies of all different sizes, and we have experience in dealing with outsourced and in-house IT teams on software projects, so my takeaway message for you is to try and avoid placing all your project responsibility onto your it team, internally.

A successful project relies on the project being assigned equally across a focused team with good communication between members.

I hope you’ve found some of these tips helpful in considering how your recruitment business might adopt a premium payroll and billing system like Merit. We’ve created a handy ebook as well, which goes into a little more detail about some of the points I’ve talked about here and you can download this free resource from our website by clicking here.

If you would like more advice on how to successfully implement a recruitment payroll software solution or to arrange a no-obligation demonstration of our software, simply contact us to get in touch.


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