Launching Recruitment Payroll Software – Working with fixed deadlines


Hello, I’m Sam Radion, Sales Director at Merit Software and welcome to this video that details how Merit Software manages software projects.

The aim of this video is to illustrate some of the steps involved in setting up payroll software for your recruitment business and to share with you some useful tips that we have learned over the last 20 years of operation.

The first tip that I would like to share with you is the importance of avoiding setting a fixed deadline for your software project.

Each year, around the end of March, we receive hundreds of calls from recruitment and umbrella companies looking to implement our payroll system with the aim of launching it before the financial year-end.

Unfortunately, we often have to turn down many of these companies, and the main reason for that is an underestimation of the efforts needed to deploy a software project.

“When implementing a software system there are lots of variables to consider, such as the migration of data from your existing systems and crucially, the resources that you have available”.

If you then give yourself an arbitrary or fixed deadline, without any project contingency, you are taking a huge risk with the success of the project.

In one example I can remember, we received a customer request that a project be completed by a certain date but then almost all of their entire core team went out of contact on annual leave, just two weeks before go-live, and they hadn’t mentioned this to their Merit Project Manager in advance.

So, my top tip to you is to plan ahead. Give yourself a sensible period of time to undertake a software installation project. We would usually recommend a period of around 6 to 10 weeks from our initial consultation to go-live. We also recommend that you have an internal “product champion” so that’s someone who can help coordinate the project at your side.

We understand some of the challenges that our recruitment customers face and that sometimes priorities do change. But it’s really important that you keep good lines of communication all the way through the project.  I hope that you have found some of this helpful in considering how your recruitment business might implement a software project. We have also created a handy E-book which goes into a little more depth into the points that I’ve talked about here. You can download this free Recruitment Payroll PDF from our Resources section and be sure to subscribe to our Merit Software Youtube channel to stay up to date with the latest from Merit Software.

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