Managing contractors and temporary staff is a complex business and the two types of worker need careful but different handling.


Temporary staff require a fast turnaround from your payroll team. Winning a big temporary contract can sometimes mean supplying dozens of workers at short notice, with all the challenges that come along with that. At Merit Software, we have seen lots of new companies move into the temporary market over our 20 years of operation and there are some common themes that these companies tell us they need to service this type of worker.


Electronic time management systems have been around for many years and we have seen many companies try and use their own web site companies to build them a system for this. Unfortunately, managing the payslips, holiday requests, timesheets and need for mobile access often proves to be impossible for your average web design company, who are more geared up for slick graphic design than high volume, secure and stable systems. Our iMerit portal and app is in use by over a quarter of a million workers daily so we know the importance of a high level of security, keeping things fast, accessible and, above all, stable. When dealing with dozens or even hundreds of temporary workers a mishap here can be catastrophic. If your payslips do not go out on time, or your web system is down for some reason, you could be facing all of those workers trying to phone your office at once. Choosing a supplier with a proven track record of high-volume delivery is therefore very important.

When dealing with contractors, not having a system that allows them to access pay information or self-service can instantly make you look antiquated and outdated. Contractors have a wide choice over where to supply their skills and they will adopt this same approach to the company that provides them with financial services. As well as keeping the contractors happy, we have seen customers approach us to implement our payroll systems and packages for umbrella companies purely because they are looking to win a new contract themselves and the tender specifies that they must give their contractors or temps the option to access and submit information online.

If you are working with either temporary workers or contractors, we would be pleased to speak with you about how Merit’s systems can help.

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