Merit Bureau

Merit Bureau is a comprehensive system designed specifically to meet the payroll and invoicing needs of the recruitment bureau sector. Paying workers over multiple recruitment agencies has unique demands and Merit Bureau automates payroll and client management. Merit Bureau makes life easier for those responsible for managing the process of paying multiple recruitment companies.


Worker Timesheet Upload

Enable workers direct access to upload timesheets to save time

Document Upload

Working contracts, Identity Documents and more


Streamline correspondence between worker and payroll manager

Merit Bureau is designed with the needs of the recruitment bureau sector in mind.

Whether you operate Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), or are an Umbrella company looking to expand your offering to a standard PAYE solution for your agencies, then Merit Bureau will be the perfect fit.

The award-winning software complies with all the latest legislation and utilises the tried and tested rapid workflow system unique to the Merit product range.

Evolution and Compliance

The Merit Bureau system has evolved over many years and incorporates many features requested by customers or mandated by changes to legislation.The software is fully compliant with Intermediaries Reporting, Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) legislation and has been awarded recognition by HMRC for its Real Time Information (RTI) compliance. Pensions Auto Enrolment is also supported with an optional module to manage the auto-enrolment process and interface directly with a selection of pension providers chosen by your bureau customers.

It is Merit Software’s policy to include standard compliance with new legislation as a non-chargeable upgrade provided that a support agreement is in place.

Data entry and integration

Merit Bureau provides a full set of tools to manage every aspect of importing and paying workers from timesheet data entry and import wizards, validation and approval through producing payslips to creating the files and reports for BACS transfer and HMRC submission. Cross company employee search is featured to save time searching for employees across multiple bureau clients.

Merit Bureau can integrate with a wide variety of third party systems, see the Merit App Store for more information.

Time saving features

  • Produce individual reports for clients for email or print.
  • Multiple RTI submissions with a single click.
  • iMerit portal and app for workers to view payslips and agencies to submit hours.
  • Manage, view and brand your payroll outputs per client.
  • Deal with multiple worker holiday options including holiday on overtime, daily, hourly and value based accruals.
  • Designed for the needs of temporary recruitment payrolls.
  • Multiple billing options.
  • Easy onboarding options for new agencies.
  • Outputs to your chosen accounts package.
  • Simple employee import utility.

Request a Demonstration

Merit Software will provide a tailored demonstration based on your requirements.