Merit Expenses

The simple, automated nature of Merit Expenses means you can spend less time dealing with piles of receipts and it is the only online expenses management system that can cope with highly complex approval chains.

Simple. Scalable. Secure

Merit Expenses is an effortless online and mobile expense management system that could save your business thousands of pounds per year. Developed in conjunction with several PLC organisations, Merit expenses addresses the need for multiple approval chains across different teams. As well as all the features you expect from an online expense management system such as receipt management, automatic mileage calculations and mobile support, the Merit Expenses system is truly innovative and scalable.

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With you everywhere you go

Merit Expenses is mobile-ready, allowing you to submit claims without the need to be office based.

  • Submit expenses online and on the move with our mobile system
  • No more waiting while paper expenses sit on an approver’s desk
  • Easily comply with HMRC rules
  • Quickly see where business spend is happening
  • Keep on top of your expense policies and staff claims management
  • Output to your accounts package

Easy and accurate

Mileage claims can always be tricky to verify, but with Merit expenses you will have the piece of mind of being able to see the full details of where a claimant went from and to.

When submitting a claim, users are given a simple map using globally trusted mapping tools to make submitting a journey simple and quick.

Help is always on hand for the user and the application is designed with the user interface as the most important thing. Users say they love the speed and simplicity of Merit Expenses compared to paper based systems.

merit expenses

Scalable and Rapid

As Merit Expenses is fully cloud-based we can have you up and running in minutes and our system is trusted and fully compliance-tested. The software is designed to scale with your business, so you can be safe in the knowledge that as your company grows, so will your savings.

If you are struggling to control costs of expenses, or maybe you are concerned that some expenses are slipping through the net that shouldn’t, then Merit Expenses can help you straight away.

Our solution is:

  • Low cost
  • Deployed in minutes
  • Robust, stable and secure
  • So simple to use you won’t even need training


Feature Overview

Accounting Package Integration

Merit Expenses interfaces with a range of leading accounting packages.

Employee and Department Tracking

Full control over department or individual spend, giving you the complete picture.

Postcode Validation

Ensure accurate mileage claims with Google Maps postcode validation.

Email Reminders

Never miss a submission deadline again. Email reminders can be customised to your pay cycle.

Scalable Approval Chains

One of the most advanced approval chain management systems.

Mobile Friendly

Say goodbye to the constraints of office-based claims. Merit Expenses can be used on the go.

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