4 ways to make your payroll skyrocket this bonfire night

If you feel like your current payroll software is a bit like Guy Fawkes – hiding in the shadows, plotting against you, and liable to cause a destructive bang at a moments notice – now is the time to look at switching.

As your software partner, we’re always by your side and working together. We’ll help you ‘light the blue touchpaper’ and blast your payroll off quickly and accurately each and every time. However we won’t ‘retreat to a safe distance’ but will stay with you for years to come.

Here are four ways to make your recruitment agency or umbrella company payroll skyrocket this bonfire night.

Look to the clouds

Cloud systems often offer performance boosts as they can offer more resources as your volumes increase. On-premise servers are great for security and control of your data, but adding new resources to them can be slow.

We are one of the only companies to offer both cloud and on-premise solutions so you can go for the option that works best for you, and see your company skyrocket.

Want to know more about the benefits of on-premises vs cloud? We’ve got you covered.

Make a bonfire out of your paper and emails

If you’re still sending any documents by paper or email then switch to a system that gives you more bang, and offers your workers portals and apps.

When was the last time you got a bank statement or even a bill emailed to you? At Merit we have nearly 250,000 workers on our online portals. You could say we have a flare for mobile solutions.

Just like a firework party, getting together is better

Look at ways you can get your systems to work together. Are you having to use Excel to manipulate data manually before importing? Are you manually keying data from one system into another?

Merit interfaces to dozens of systems, with more being added all the time.

Take a look at our Apps & Tools to see a selection of the systems we integrate with. If your system of choice isn’t there, we’ll still be able to help you.

Stay on top of legislation and don’t choose a damp squib as a supplier

Just like knowing what time you can legally set your fireworks off until is important on bonfire night, it’s even more important to know what legislation is changing around payroll.

You need a software partner that can respond quickly to changes in the law and has firecracker developers in-house, in the same country, ready to get to grips with and work quickly on new changes.

You don’t want to be left behind when the next big change comes with a software company where you lit the touchpaper and nothing happened.

Time and again, we have rocketed ahead of all the others to deliver on time.

Over two million workers are paid through Merit every single week, so book a demo today to see how we can light up the sky for you.