COVID-19 Contingency Plan

Following the recent Coronavirus updates from the Government,  yesterday we sent the following update to all of our customers. In case you missed it, here is the update in full:

Being a key supplier to the industry with thousands of recruitment agencies and umbrella company users, we understand it’s important that you know that we are responding and adapting as needed to keep our employees safe and well and support your business as normal.

As a forward-thinking software company we are in the enviable position of already being able to allow many of our employees to work from home and continue to provide the services that our clients expect with minimal, if not no interruption. We already make use of teleconferencing, video calls, remote desktop sharing and many of you will already have dealt with our employees working from home without even knowing it.

In terms of on-site meetings and training sessions, we are following the Government advice and avoiding non-essential social contact.  With this in mind, we are looking to avoid non-essential meetings by scheduling conference calls and video conferencing (where possible).  We already offer remote training and may need to make this the first choice for our training team for the next few months.

We have carried out analysis of our suppliers to ensure there is no risk to our business and our Business Continuity Plans already include the government Influenza Pandemic plan, a copy of which is available to customers on request.

Two points of clarification within this plan: Firstly we have highlighted the section on communication with other businesses as ‘In progress’ as we feel this information sharing will continue for the foreseeable  future.

Secondly we have marked the section regarding issues for medical treatment for staff working in other countries as ‘not started’ as our entire team, including developers, is UK based and we do not contract work out to other countries or need to rely on their health systems or infrastructure.

We are in new territory and know that the uncertainty is difficult for us all. Rest assured we are fully ready to maintain services for you and to support you during this difficult time.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.