Customers “always well looked after” with Merit Software

At Accountex 2019 we spoke to Ross Martin, the Regional Partnership Manager for Now Pensions, about his experience with Merit Software and how our customers are ‘always well looked after’.

Here is what Ross said in full:

“From Now Pensions’ perspective, being a Relationship Partnership Manager, I look after a lot of accountancy firms, payroll bureaus, bookkeepers, employers directly where they may or may not value outsourcing their payroll and also some independent financial advisors still dealing with auto enrollment.

“I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed working closely with accountancy firms and their software providers, which includes Merit.

“And over recent years – I’ve been six years at Now Pensions – I’ve always found Merit to be really easy to look after.

“Merit are one of those software providers, who when you ask an accountancy firm or a payroll bureau, who looks after them as far as software services, when they say ‘oh we’re dealt with by Merit’ you know they’re going to be well looked after, whereas you can’t say that with every software provider.

“So I’m really thankful for the relationship that Now Pensions enjoys with Merit and I look forward to working ever-closely with them going forward.”

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