Double 5 year anniversary for Merit team members

At Merit Software, we believe in honouring exceptional talent and celebrating the milestones that shape our vibrant team.

Today, we commemorate two team members who started on the same day!

Joe Lewis’ has reached his 5-year anniversary with us today. Joe has become a valued developer within our software development team, continuously innovating and contributing to an atmosphere of collaboration within the team.

When Joe isn’t developing our brilliant online timesheet portal or helping a colleague, he likes to play guitar, goes bouldering, enjoys reading and loves researching crypto currencies and emerging technologies.

Congratulations Joe!

Merit also extends our congratulations and a round of applause to Tom Davies on reaching the remarkable milestone of five years with Merit Software!

Tom’s excellent technical skills have made a lasting impact on our range of products. A true team player, we commend Tom on his hard work and dedication and look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Outside of work, Tom is still coding! He also enjoys spending time with his family, hiking and the occasional fishing trip.

Thanks and congratulations Tom!