Supercharge Your Umbrella Company with Merit Software

Efficiency and compliance are the lifeblood of successful umbrella companies, and at Merit, we’re dedicated to equipping you with the cutting-edge tools and knowledge needed to streamline your operations. Discover our expert suggestions for enhancing your software systems and revolutionising your umbrella company.

Embracing Digital Transformation:

With the advancements in technology, it’s vital for umbrella companies to ,make best use of their payroll system to automate and digitise their processes. With Merit’s tailored payroll software solution designed specifically for umbrella companies, you can expect immediate returns. Experience a significant reduction in administrative burdens and mitigate the risk of errors with our advanced system.

Ensuring Compliance with UK Tax Legislation:

Compliance with tax legislation is of utmost importance for umbrella companies. A proven, reliable payroll system like Merit can simplify compliance by automatically handling umbrella-specific tax calculations, National Insurance contributions, and other statutory requirements. Choosing a software solution that stays up to date with HMRC legislative changes is very important and Merit has a fantastic track record of being first to market in delivering these changes when they happen.

Streamlining Worker Management:

Efficiently managing worker onboarding and management is the heartbeat of your umbrella company. Merit’s comprehensive payroll system provides a centralised web-based platform for streamlined employee onboarding, electronic submission of details, and convenient self-service options for your workforce.

Enhanced Data Security and Confidentiality:

Securing sensitive payroll data is non-negotiable. As a trusted payroll software company, Merit ensures the highest standards of data protection. Our measures include encrypted data transmission, restricted access controls, and compliance with GDPR regulations. What sets Merit apart is that we are the only provider to offer you the flexibility to choose between running our software in the cloud or on-premises, allowing you to maintain control over your data in your secure data centre or servers.

Unlock the full potential of your umbrella company with Merit Software. Elevate your operations and experience the difference Merit can make.