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Over the last 25 years we’ve guided hundreds of companies through the process of planning and implementing a software plan, and we know what works - and almost more importantly, we know what really doesn’t work.

These are our top tips for ensuring your software implementation is successful and painless.

We’re focused on payroll software, but the tips can be applied to any type of software project. If you stick to these simple steps you’ll save time and money and hit the ground running for the best results.

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Cloud-Based Recruitment Payroll Software

Running payroll in the temporary recruitment world can be tough, so you need to have payroll software that can adapt to new legislation, will always scale with your business, and ensure your workers are paid on time, every time, without fail.

We understand that paying temporary staff is often more complex than paying full-time employees, as hours can vary from week to week and the submission and approval of timesheets can sometimes be delayed.

Whatever the size of your temporary recruitment agency we will be able to help you save time and money. It doesn't matter if you're currently processing payroll from spreadsheets, or want to switch to us from another software provider, we make the whole process quick and simple.

But we're so much more than just payroll software - we will be your software partner.  Our fully UK-based team are know recruitment payroll better than anyone and we're here from the very start for you, From consultancy to training, and then around the clock with our unbeatable support team, you'll always get what you need.


"The Merit team demonstrated excellent knowledge of the recruitment industry and the challenges surrounding running temporary payroll."

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Because of the unique needs of each recruitment agency, it's impossible to summarise everything  we can offer on one page.

A free demo is the easiest way to see how Merit works in real world conditions - in 30 minutes or less you can see the full functionality, stop me at any time to ask a question, and learn how it will streamline your payroll process.

Because every business is different, we like to show you exactly how it will work for you – with no obligation whatsoever.

- Sam Radion, Sales Director