Merit provides “great pieces of software I’ve been using for over 20 years”

With over 22 years of experience designing payroll software for recruitment agencies, umbrella companies and accountancy firms, we have built up some long-lasting business relationships.

Chris Robinson, Chairman and Founder from QX Ltd, has been using our software for over 20 years now as part of his outsourcing solutions, and at Accountex 2019 we were delighted to catch up with him for a quick video testimonial.

This is what Chris said in full:

“I’m Chris Robinson, I’m chairman and founder of QX Ltd. We provide accountancy outsourcing solutions to our clients.

“We’re based in India – we have a team of 1200 people out there – and we have a lot of mutual clients with Merit Payroll, where we use their pay and bill services and their umbrella services.

“They’re great pieces of software I’ve been using for 20 years and you should really give them a try!”

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