With the launch of more SaaS products, Merit Software announces a major rebrand

Merit Software, one of the leading providers of payroll software for the temporary recruitment and umbrella markets, has launched a new look for their brand this week which the company says reflects their strengths and values more accurately.

After 23 years in the sector, the people at Merit understand that few industries are as fast-paced, competitive and compliance-heavy as recruitment. To really succeed, you need more than a software provider: you need a software partner.

One of Merit’s key strengths is their people and their ability and willingness to work with customers to get things right.

Their new brand builds on the idea that collaboration is about more than just working together. It’s about rising to the challenge together, solving problems together, achieving together, and succeeding together.

Sam Radion, Sales Director, says that the company has always forged close relationships with its customers, which has been a key factor to their long-term success.

“The real difference between us and our peers is something less tangible than software features or pricing. It’s our partnership approach to helping you solve your challenges and achieve your ambitions. It’s our commitment to collaboration and finding the right answers together. And it’s also our straightforward way of doing business: when you’re happy, we’re happy.”

The company’s commitment to their customers was best demonstrated with the introduction of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme in March. Understanding the importance of keeping the UK workforce paid during a pandemic, Merit was the first to market with a solution, having developed, tested and deployed the module for their systems just 48 hours after receiving HMRC guidance. 

“With our staff of nearly 50 all being based in the UK, we are always able to quickly react to new legislation like the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme,” said Radion.

Managing Director, Ben Noden, adds: “Our new look is tied to our plan for the future to better meet the needs of temporary recruitment agencies and umbrella companies. We’re creating another new online SaaS product, which is designed to make life a lot easier and simpler for our customers, and we’re planning to launch it next year.

“We continue to develop our people and attract the brightest and the best to Merit. And we’re also investing heavily in improving our customer service and support. Over the years, we’ve shifted from being a software supplier to a software partner, and our old brand no longer reflected that.”

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