Cloud hosted or option for on-premises

Dedicated UK-based support team

Free updates

Scaleable design

Easy reversal process

No limits on workers

Rapid & simple data entry and workflows

Professional on-site or remote certified training

Timesheet import wizard

HMRC compliant PAYE submissions

Expense entry & NMW control

Flexible holiday pay calculations

Multiple pay methods

Secure payslip emailing or print

Text message on payments made

Bulk SMS facility

Real Time Information (RTI) recognition from HMRC

AWR (Agency Workers Regulations) compliant module

Pensions Auto-Enrolment with multiple providers

Online p45 submission

Live online bank account validation

Live online address validation

Totally flexible margin structures

Unlimited payments

Complete contractor audit trail

Online P14/P35 submission

Timesheet processing module

Expense claim processing module

Automated agency billing

Flexible payment reconciliation

Payroll journals & reports

Extensive reporting system

Consolidated invoice option

Track "right to work in the UK" status

Branded payslips & invoices

User accessible report builder

Contractor CRM facility

Agency CRM facility

Full online video knowledgebase

Option to run as CIS system or PAYE

Create dummy/'ghost' employees on import

Receipt image information stored

Option to run both CIS and PAYE payrolls

Self Employed Contractor Module

Data Conversion from existing systems

Contract / Welcome pack generation

Web portal (online expenses, payslips, timesheets, user detail management, messaging and more)

Ability for agencies to enter bulk timesheets online

Integrated CIS payroll

HMRC recognised CIS validation

HMRC recognised CIS submission

Compliant CIS/Ltd invoicing

Bulk standard import facilities

Ltd/Single Person Company Module

Bespoke bulk import wizard

Completely customised payslips

Multiple currency

Advanced document scanning and management

Advanced project management including optional on-site go-live support

Fortnightly/4 Weekly Payroll Module

Custom modules such as EDM/Hybrid/PEO/Joint Employment

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