Merit Software’s API with Smart Pension

During Accountex earlier this month, we spoke to Ceri Ross, who is Head of Payroll at Smart Pension, about the service we provide and our API with Smart Pension.

This is what Ceri had to say about working with Merit Software:

“We use technology to make our client’s lives easier and more efficient in the way we process employee and contribution data.

“Merit is one of our payroll partners who have developed a direct API into our systems.

“The API basically means that we can send and receive employee and contribution data from Merit to ourselves and send it back again.

“That enables clients to process their pension and payroll with a one-click submission, which saves them time, it reduces errors, and it just basically removes friction from the entire process.

“Overall, we find Merit amazing, we love the partnership that we have, we love working with them, they are always at hand if we have any issues with our mutual clients.

“And on top of that, they’re really agile so if we ask for a development or if we need something changed or amended, the development team are always on hand to make those changes in order to provide their clients with a better service.

“We really rate Merit, we really enjoy working with them, and we feel the partnership is definitely going from strength to strength.”

We work closely with all of pension partners and over the next few weeks we will have more video interviews posted on our blog and social media channels, so be sure to follow our social media channels to see them first!

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