No “January Blues” in the Recruitment Sector

While many of us are not looking forward to putting the Christmas break behind us and getting back to work, January is a very busy time for recruitment agencies and the recruitment software sector.

Recent research by Investors In People (IIP) found that 47% of people are looking to change jobs in 2018 and data shows that January has 9.4% of the year’s job postings (with just 7.2% in December). It is clear that candidates are in the market to move at this time of year and that recruitment agencies can and do take advantage of this.

This influx of jobseekers to agencies in January also sharply highlights agencies’ ageing systems and creaking manual procedures that cannot be easily scaled up. At Merit we see the largest number of enquiries for new recruitment payroll software in January as agencies struggle to cope with demand.

The oncoming financial year-end in April also tends to focus agency attention on software systems and this year the uncertainty in the currency market over Brexit has seen agencies that invested in software from overseas suppliers receive massive price hikes as the pound has fallen, with customers from one supplier telling us they have seen a 300% price increase from their supplier in the last year alone.

The Merit team always look forward to the new customer relationships that January brings and spend a lot of the quieter period in December ‘clearing the decks’ ready to welcome new projects at the start of the year. With a fully UK based staff and product, the award-winning Merit system is there to help with not just a busy January, but many years to come.

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