Protect yourself from cyber attacks with Merit

Over the last few weeks it has been impossible to miss the news about cyber attacks in the recruitment and umbrella markets and the knock-on effect this has had on workers having their payments delayed.

Although our software has not been involved in any of the recent incidents reported on the news, security for our customers is always a top priority for our team, and Merit is designed not only to prevent cyber attacks but also ensure that any customer can quickly and securely get their payroll back up and running in the unlikely event of a successful attack.

Our long pedigree in the marketplace means that we have seen the results of cyber attacks on customers in years gone by, and we have been fortunate that very few of our customers have ever had to utilise our backup and Disaster Recovery features.

One incident we were involved with, in the early 2000s, involved a business who was targeted with a ransomware attack and hosted Merit on their own servers. As they needed Merit to pay their workers quickly, they made use of the inbuilt Disaster Recovery facilities and were back up and running within hours.

Although we go through regular external penetration testing and security checks, we are unique in that we also allow customers to run our software either on their own private cloud or on their own hosting environments.

Many payroll software companies operate a single shared system for all their customers, so a successful cyber attack on one company would take all companies offline. With the Merit ecosystem you know that your data is your own and completely separate from all of your competitors.

With the rise in popularity of cloud-based Merit, attacks are even less likely for Merit customers as this offers a higher level of security, protection and peace of mind.

If you are concerned about cyber security or have been subject to an attack in the past and are now looking to switch to a more secure, robust solution contact us for a confidential chat.