Tailored payroll software for the perfect fit

When it comes to finding the perfect fit, you very rarely find it off-the-shelf.

Let’s use a nice suit as an example. Sure, you can walk into a high street store and find one that has the right measurements on paper, but when you wear it you never get that feeling that it’s exactly right for your body.

A tailored suit, on the other hand, takes into consideration every aspect of your size and shape, and is crafted with that in mind. The end result is a suit that feels perfect for you, because you know there’s no better fit out there.

The same is true for your payroll software. There are many “one size fits all” software packages around, but you have to try and squeeze all of your requirements into their pre-defined list of features.

No business or payroll is ever the same, so whilst these software packages might be good for 75% of your needs, when it gets to the nitty gritty details they often leave you wanting more, or flat out failing you.

That’s why, as your payroll software partner, we always take the tailored approach. We listen to your needs, understand the processes of your payroll, and configure your payroll software so it ticks every single box.

This means that no matter how complex your needs might be, we can provide you with the solution, which will work every time without fail, so you can focus on running payroll, which is what really matters.

And just like any good tailor, you can always come back to us for adjustments. We regularly update our software in line with legislative changes to ensure you remain compliant, but if something outside of this scope changes within your business, we can help accommodate this within your software package.

We achieve this tailored approach in a few simple steps

  1. During a quick demo of our software we walk you through the payroll process and learn more about your needs
  2. One of our consultants has a deep-dive conversation with you about the finer details
  3. We spec up your payroll software package making sure it has everything you need
  4. You receive a project plan, we configure your software and test it, then provide training so you hit the ground running

With nearly 25 years of experience in the recruitment and umbrella payroll markets, we know the tailored approach is the key to running a successful payroll.

With cloud or on-premises options available, we can get you up and running in no time at all, so switching to us is always painless.

Get in touch with us today to find your perfect fit.